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Thomathy Entertainment is a music blogging company based in Chesterfield, England.

You will find reviews of the new, freshest music that has been released from all types of artists – big and small as well as other music-related content.

Founded in September 2018, Tom Fearn created this space on the internet to express his love for music. Music has been a huge part of Tom’s life as we are sure it has been for a lot of people. It helps you escape from reality and block out what may be making you feel a certain way. He also passionate about giving smaller artists, who are trying to climb up the charts, another platform to showcase their work.

After receiving such positive feedback from reviews of artists big and small and the growth of the readers that were coming in monthly, Tom decided to expand and make long term plans for Thomathy Entertainment.

You will see weekly reviews of the top trending songs, as well as some of our favourite smaller artists new music. Take a look around our website, let us know what you think. We hope you enjoy your stay!

We have big plans for Thomathy Entertainment and our Founder is excited to start implementing them. Stay tuned!

Don’t take music for granted!

“I was able to read your posted review of my latest single (Joe Paterno) and you did an outstanding job! In case you aren’t aware I have promoted your review on all my social media platforms and I have been getting many positive comments from my supporters these past couple of hours who enjoyed reading the review. It was a lot of fun being able to work with you on this!”


Singer / Songwriter

“I loved it! It was so wonderful to read, confidence boost for me, but also the constructive criticism it contained was helpful and really nicely put across as well. The communication was great and I felt like you really cared about both my music and my image as an artist. Thank you so much!”

Juliette Richards

Singer / Songwriter

“I thought it was a good well thought out and honest review, I think you do a good job of analysing music. I appreciate you taking the time to post a review of my song”

Capri Tha Villin

Singer / Songwriter

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