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Ed Sheeran (with Justin Bieber) – I Don’t Care | Song Review


Ed Sheeran and Justin Bieber have teamed up on their new song ‘I Don’t Care‘. It is nice to see Justin back making music after his long, deserved break. I hope we will get an album from him soon.

Anyway, this duet of two of the biggest artists in the world is such a jam. It literally sounds like a mix of the usual sounds we hear from Justin and Ed. It is refreshing to hear a new-ish sound from both of the artists. Honestly, I have mixed feelings about Ed Sheeran‘s music. It usually sounds the same to me – nothing new but with the mix of Justin‘s vocals and sound, it really puts a new spin on Ed.

Both singers use this track to describe being at a party, but wanting to leave due to feeling lonely or having social anxiety. That special someone by their side saves the day and makes them feel less alone in the end.

I Don’t Care‘ is a very catchy, upbeat track that makes me feel summery. This is certainly a song we will be seeing on the chart throughout the summer. I really like this song. I think both artists are at a point in their careers where they can release any kind of song and it will be a huge success but their artistry is truly amazing and their collaboration really works well.

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